Psychotherapy involves regularly scheduled, 45-minute sessions. The frequency of sessions and duration of the therapy process depend upon the particular needs and goals of the client.

In the first session, the client's treatment objectives, current concerns, and life history will be reviewed. Clients are invited to express any skepticism they have regarding the therapy process and to ask questions they have about Dr. Vaughan's work. This consultation provides both client and therapist with a sense of whether the therapist's approach corresponds to the client's needs. Accordingly, Dr. Vaughan either assists the client in finding a more suitable practitioner or in arranging subsequent sessions.

Therapy is a collaborative process in which the client and therapist continually identify problems, assess goals, and modify the treatment plan. Clients are invited to explore any thoughts, feelings, or concerns at any time; no topic is taboo. Topics might include conflicts, relationship dynamics, dreams, fantasies, memories, and personal aspirations and setbacks. The client is also encouraged to openly address reactions to therapy.

Once primary conflicts have been worked through and the client is generally making constructive decisions in all aspects of their lives, the benefits and drawbacks of ending treatment will be discussed. Termination typically occurs once it is ascertained that the client has internalized the tools of therapy and is making significant strides toward self-realization. In this final phase of therapy, progress is reviewed and clients are offered an open invitation to resume treatment at any time.